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Welcome to Shrewsbury Cathedral

Weekend Mass Times in Shrewsbury
Saturday - Harlescott - 6:00 pm
(Our Lady of Pity, Meadow Farm Drive, Harlescott)
Sunday - Monkmoor - 9:30 am
(St. Winefride's, Crowmere Road, Monkmoor)
Sunday - Cathedral - 8:30 am, 10:45 am & 6:00 pm
Children's Liturgy:
During first part of the 9:30 am Mass at Monkmoor and the 10:45 am Mass at the Cathedral

See newsletter for weekday Mass times

Link to the "New" Diocese of Shrewsbury Website: www.dioceseofshrewsbury.org

Link to the Cathedral Blogspot: http://shrewsburycathedral.blogspot.com


Sick and Housebound Visits and Emergency Sick Calls

A new system for visiting the sick and housebound is being put in place with a proper referral form.
Every sick and housebound person in the parish will be visited once a month by a Priest or Deacon; 
other visits will also take place during the month by an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and 
possibly the SVP. For
emergency sick calls only there is now a parish mobile: 07592 155 558.
This number will be circulated to all the nursing homes, hospice and hospital
(and will also be quoted on the Cathedral House answer phone message).
The parish mobile will be carried by a priest 24 hours a day, and we will continue this system
beyond the return back into Cathedral House next summer.

Holy Week 2015 Recordings

Please click on the images below to view the recordings of the Easter Celebrations at the Cathedral.

Maundy Thursday
The Lord's Passion
Easter Vigil

Shrewsbury Cathedral Grant
Shrewsbury Cathedral has been allocated a government grant of nearly £300,000
for urgent repairs and upgrades, as part of a government scheme to commemorate the Great War.

<Click here to read the full story>


St Winefride's Rotas

The latest rota for St Winefride's is avaiable via this link.

Reader's Rota

The current Reader's Rota is available via the this link.

Shrewsbury LPA Diary

Shrewsbury LPA Directory
For details of all of the groups within the LPA please click
(This is a pdf version of the Directory and can be navigated by clicking on the entries in the Contents page
or by selecting the 'Bookmarks' option in the left-hand margin.

We aim to be a loving community who are -

Obedient to God’s will and grateful for God’s blessings.
Joyful in the Lord, always ready to listen, learn and change.
Offering a warm welcome—inclusive of all ages, races and background.
Growing in Love.
Whole hearted in our worship—developing and sharing or talents, supporting, encouraging and comforting one another.
Relating closely and warmly with other Christians.
Equipped and eager to go out into the community to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Generous in serving one another, our local community and the whole world for the building of God’s Kingdom.

Contact Us
For enquires please phone Cathedral House, Belmont on 01743 362366 to speak to one of the priests.
Or email them :~
Canon Jonathan, Father Edmund or Father David

Emergency Sick Calls only :  07592 155 558

For information call the Information Line on 01743 364256 : Fax 01743 341326
or email :~ admin@shrewsburycathedral.co.uk

@ShrewsCathedral ...are you following us?
tlogo @ShrewsRCnews ...for up-to-date news from the Diocese.

For suggestions and comments on the web site please email us at:~ shrewsburycathedral@yahoo.com

For Newsletter entries email us at :~ newsletter@shrewsburycathedral.co.uk

For information about Shrewsbury Cathedral School, visit www.shrewsburycathedralschool.co.uk
or email :~ admin@cathedral.shropshire.sch.uk

How to find us?
for map click here

Shrewsbury Cathedral
Cathedral House
11 Belmont, Shrewsbury

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